Nightfell: Horror Fantasy Setting for 5e

Created by Angelo Peluso

Nightfell is a Horror Fantasy setting, a grimdark world under the influence of the Moon, for 5th Edition.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Nightfell Tokens Reveal
about 1 month ago – Thu, Sep 09, 2021 at 06:50:12 PM

Hi there, people of Iùrmen!

We're coming back with a small and beautiful preview from the contents we're preparing for you!

This was one of the stretch goals we unlocked thanks to you, during the crowdfunding campaign: The Tokens for PCs and NPCs/Creatures!!!

Some tokens for Players
Some tokens for Night Masters

NB. This is just a preview. We have tons of tokens 

Take a look & Embrace the Darkness!

Thanks for your Love & Support

Angelo Peluso & Mana Project Studio

Little Sneak Peek from Nightfell's Adventure Book
3 months ago – Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 11:19:50 PM

Here we are with a little sneak peek from the adventure book! The adventure written by Robert Schwalb is a masterpiece and we cannot wait to see the manual finished!

     "Old hatreds never die. Those wronged find ways to cling to their anger, to plot and connive to get the vengeance they so justly deserve. In Vengeance is Mine, a restless spirit of a powerful witch emerges from the blackest shadows to plunge the city of Ervenrun into chaos and ruin. The player characters must contend with the unrest their secret enemy foments, expose the agents of discord, and bring peace to a city teetering on the precipice of disaster."

     An excerpt from the adventure written by Robert J Schwalb for Nightfell's Adventure Book.

We are so hyped!

Embrace the Darkness!

Art by Jacopo Schiavo

Product development is progressing as well and as we see this project take shape we are more and more proud and eager to share our work with you!

Thanks for your love and support!

Angelo Peluso & Mana Project Studio

Pledge Manager Closing
4 months ago – Thu, Jul 01, 2021 at 12:42:21 AM

Hi there, people of Iùrmen!

We have an important update for you: we are glad to inform you that the work on Nightfell is proceeding smoothly.

The Pledge Manager and preorder is closed now.  Soon, we'll be collecting your pledges so we can work to make Nightfell a reality.

About the shipping, we are planning to make it towards the end of 2021.

We will continue to keep you updated on every development!

Thanks for your Love and Support!

Adventure Book contents and Sneek Peek to map tiles
5 months ago – Sat, Jun 05, 2021 at 12:36:48 AM

Hi there, people of Iùrmen!

Here we are with some news about the Adventure Book developement.

The book will contain six adventures that will take characters from level one to level 14.  

The adventures can be played continuously or not and are divided into two sets. 

The first (3 quests): Dedicated to Alper's vampires and intrigues.

The second (3 quests): This will deal with witches and Eastmark folklore.

A very important thing is that we have used these adventures to design and enrich the places and some major cities.

This will make the manual a useful tool for the Night Masters if they want to take advantage of these places to set new adventures, having in hand an even more solid base on the setting.

For example: 

Owlrock will be completely outlined and described, with its npcs and places, by me. 

The city of Ervenrun will see its lore, factions and events enriched by RJ Schwalb.

Owlrock. Art by Federico Musetti

The first cycle of 3 adventures will be useful to give a broad description of various places in the northern lands (Alper), making you travel through them and extensively showing the fragile policies of the Lunar Age. These will be useful to introduce and also describe the presence of vampires in the nightfell setting, strongly desired by the community.

It does not end here. In addition to the rich bestiary of Nightfell, the Adventure Book also introduces about twenty new mobs, including monsters and NPCs.


Here's for you a sneak peek of the effort we're putting on maps development. 

We are creating highly defined maps that will be usable in your play sessions as you see fit. On a monitor, roll 20 or for you to print.

Making of/testing

These will be useful for the adventures we have written, but we are developing them in such a way that they are of general use and allow you to use them for all your games, for the adventures that the Night Masters want to create or to use them several times in a functional way.

The maps will be available with and without the grid and will be varied, so that you have outdoors and indoors environments available.

Cellar - GRIDDED
Cellar - NO GRID

We are really doing our best to allow you to have the best gaming experience possible and during these months we will continue to work hard for it!

Thanks for your Love and Support!

Angelo Peluso & Mana Project Studio

7 months ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 11:57:11 PM

Hi to everyone, night adventurers!

We are very proud to show you the official design of the Tarots of Iùrmen, our line of tarots card available on backerkit as add-on!

The artworks will be drawn by Matteo Spirito (amazing artist and friend), while the layouts/graphic design is made by me, Angelo Peluso. 

We have reasoned for a long time and experimented a lot, to get the best out of our qualities, trying to develop them as collectible cards and/or for reading the arcana.

Obviously, the deck will contain both major and minor arcana.

Thanks for your love & support

Angelo Peluso, Mana Project Studio

Now just enjoy some pics :)

Back and front of the cards
Showcase of some arts